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Convenient principle of barbecue Grill


The operation in the kitchen should have a reasonable flow, therefore, in the design of kitchenware, according to the correct process design of the arrangement of various parts, for the future use of convenience is very important. Then there is the height of the stove, the location of the hanging cabinet, etc., have a direct impact on the ease of use. Therefore, choose kitchen utensils that conform to human engineering principles and kitchen procedures. Aesthetic Principles Kitchenware not only requires modeling, color pleasing to the delight, but also to have durability, so it is required to have easier anti-pollution, good cleaning [...]

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Sanitary Principles of Barbecue Grill


Kitchen utensils should have the ability to resist pollution, especially to prevent cockroaches, mice, ants and other polluting food functions, in order to ensure the internal quality of the entire kitchen utensils. Some cabinets on the market have been fully installed anti-cockroach strip seal, this technology can effectively prevent food contamination. Fire prevention Principles Kitchen is the only modern home in the use of open fire area, material fire and flame retardant ability, determines the safety of kitchen utensils and even families, especially the surface of kitchenware fire prevention capacity, but also the choice of kitchenware important standards. Therefore, the regular [...]

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Barbecue oven must have the following few small things


No matter what you know about BBQ, tools are essential to us, some people feel that there is a stove on it, meaning it is OK, then I will tell you, you are wrong, barbecue combination tool that is a kind of enjoyment, barbecue furnace must have the following few small things, 1) gloves. There are silicone and fireproof cloth. 2) Carbon clip. When you bake to the general need to add charcoal, the flaming carbon net will become your most worth thinking about. 3) Silicone Brush, the price is expensive 10-100 yuan price, if you still use a brush in [...]

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Renovation and replacement of barbecue furnace products


Korean barbecue oven, korean barbecue oven, Korean barbecue pot and other products for the hotel commercial Korean barbecue, the current variety of products, difficult to choose. To do Korean barbecue, barbecue utensils are very important, but now many barbecue shopkeepers, do not know how to choose barbecue utensils. The previous charcoal barbecue oven is too redundant primitive, has long been slowly belong to the elimination of products. At present, the innovation and replacement of products has reached the level of white-hot, electric barbecue has crept into people's vision It's replacing the status of the original charcoal barbecue.

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Principle of charcoal smokeless barbecue furnace


Charcoal in the burning process is the release of carbon monoxide, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burning, there is no smoke in itself. Ordinary barbecue ovens smoke when making products because they drop oil and seasoning on the carbon fire when they are made.

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What is the development prospect of China’s barbecue furnace industry in the future?


Automatic barbecue furnace is a can automatically flip the barbecue oven, mechanical with automatic flip gear, no manual operation, to achieve equipment automation, barbecue oven in the barbecue has universal use, kebab machine. At the same time, according to the requirements of enterprise users to carry out special customization of the subject. The investment characteristics of the industry or specific products, market size, supply and demand situation, industry competition (structure and primary competitive enterprises), growth trends and so on to analyze and demonstrate, the pursuit of discipline, growth opportunities, existing problems of the solution, to do strong countermeasures and so on. [...]

What is the development prospect of China’s barbecue furnace industry in the future?2023-04-21T05:05:18+00:00

Cleaning and maintenance of Japanese-style barbecue furnaces


Barbecue is a family, friends, colleagues party choice of food, while enjoying the food can also feel the fun of their own hands. After fun, cleaning up and maintaining the Japanese grill is a headache. So how do you clean and maintain the Japanese barbecue? 1, the maintenance of the usual Japanese-style barbecue furnace Do not use Japanese barbecue furnace to keep clean, can not leave the barbecue of residual food, carbon ash, grease. Apply a layer of edible oil on the baking net to prevent rust, do not prevent heavy loads on the grill, cover the furnace cover to prevent [...]

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Outdoor Barbecue tips to remember


Today, barbecue is already part of our daily diet, with the continuous exchange of world culture, American, Japanese, Korean and other different tastes of barbecue slowly by our people to understand. Korean barbecue pay attention to the original, and supplemented with different sauces dipped in food. Korean barbecue is mainly composed of pickled raw materials juice and raw materials roasted after dipping the juice to eat to decide. Of course, different ingredients with different marinade and dipping juice, will form a different flavor characteristics. Korean barbecue generally fry until eight points cooked or just cooked, reflecting a tender and refreshing feeling. [...]

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What does the surface spraying of a ceramic barbecue furnace form?


Ceramic barbecue furnace ceramic surface spraying is used for the substrate surface to form a ceramic coating, play a wear-resistant anti-corrosion effect, without the process of ceramic spraying into two categories, one is plasma spraying, the other is thermal spraying. Spraying ceramic coating is the use of special equipment on the substrate surface using spraying process to form a high-hardness dense ceramic coating. The volumetric resistor is the quotient of the DC voltage between the two electrodes placed on the relative two surfaces of the specimen and the steady current flowing through the two electrodes. Volume resistivity is the quotient of [...]

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Maintenance of the usual Grill


1, barbecue oven to keep clean, do not have barbecue residual food or charcoal ash grease 2. Place the barbecue oven in a dry, ventilated area 3, cover the barbecue hood 4. Do not press heavy loads on the barbecue oven 5, baking net can be applied to a layer of edible oil to prevent rust BBQ furnace should be a ming, smoke-free, direct barbecue electric barbecue furnace. First of all, it should be a Ming grill, otherwise, there is no visible barbecue fun, it is not a barbecue, but only a barbecue box, second, should be a smoke-free barbecue, because [...]

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