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Barbecue is already part of our daily diet


Today, barbecue is already part of our daily diet, with the continuous exchange of world culture, American, Japanese, Korean and other different tastes of barbecue slowly by our people to understand. Korean barbecue pay attention to the original, and supplemented with different sauces dipped in food. Korean barbecue is mainly composed of pickled raw materials juice and raw materials roasted after dipping the juice to eat to decide. Of course, different ingredients with different marinade and dipping juice, will form a different flavor characteristics. Korean barbecue generally fry until eight points cooked or just cooked, reflecting a tender and refreshing feeling. [...]

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"Flavor and color are by far the best in winter.Smoking or grilling in colder temperatures produces a much richer smoke ring and adds flavor to meats." -Jayna Todisco,champion pitmaster for A Mazie Q. "Invest in a good grill cover to keep rain,wet leaves,and ice from gunking up the equipment.Always keep fuel stored in a dry area or storage bin."-Robb Walsh,barbecue expert and cookbook author. "Wind is half the battle,especially in colder temps.Cut a full sheet of plywood in half and construct a homemade wind block for the smoker or grill." -Steve Coddington,award-winning pitmaster. "During the wicked winter months,throw on a pair [...]

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Read the owner's manual. Always read the owner's manual before using your grill and follow specific usage, assembly, and safety procedures.Contact the grill manufacturer if you have specific questions.(Be sure to locate your model number and the manufacturer's consumer inquiry phone number and write them on the front page of your manual.) Grills are for outside,only. Barbecue grills are designed for outdoor use,only.Never barbecue in your trailer,tent,house,garage,or any enclosed area because carbon monoxide may accumulate and kill you. Clean your grill after each use. Always inspect your grill prior to use to be sure it is in good condition, and not [...]

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Enjoy simple comfort foods.Explore soups,stews,casseroles,and chili over the grill during the cooler, darker months.Keep warm with this Beer Can White Chicken Chili. Throw the ultimate Super Bowl party.Join the 28 percent of grill owners who barbecue on one of the biggest eating occasions of the year.Cheer on your team while enjoying these Planked Grilled Potato Skins. Kick post-NFL blues.Use your open Sunday afternoon to throw out the playbook,and try a new barbecue recipe for your home team. Be different.Friends and neighbors will take note when you're searing steaks in freezing weather, quickly earning you a stand-out reputation. Cure cabin fever.Feeling cooped [...]

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To help find the perfect fit for your personality. The Foodies:Always seeking out the hottest restaurants and newest food trends?Invest in a smoker,ideal for exploring new flavor combinations that are sure to excite taste buds.With taste buds.With tasty smoking chip flavors such as apple,cherry,and pecan,trying a new flavor combination each week is easy. The Adventures:Always on the go to the next hiking trail or campground? Go for the portable grill,essential for a life in tine with nature. The Entertainers:For all of those that love entertaining,a charcoal grill will elevate any party.Instead of the traditional burgers and brats,impress guests with grilled lamb [...]

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What Is A Barbecue Oven?


Barbecue oven is a kind of barbecue equipment, can be used to make lamb kebabs, barbecue and other barbecue food. Barbecue ovens can be divided into 3 types: charcoal grill, gas oven and electric oven. Among them, air ovens and electric ovens are popular for smoke-free and pollution-free products. The common types of barbecue ovens on the market are Apple furnaces, long Fang, light furnaces and so on.

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Basic Principles Of BBQ Gas Grill


Principle of charcoal smokeless barbecue furnace Charcoal in the burning process is the release of carbon dioxide, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burning, there is no smoke in itself. Ordinary barbecue ovens smoke when making products because they drop oil and seasoning on the carbon fire when they are made. Principle of gas BBQ furnace In general, stainless steel is used as the furnace material, through the electronic pulse ignition, the use of petroleum liquefied gas or natural gas combustion, heat to heat the above four independent high-temperature crystal red gas heating plate and then bake food on [...]

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Introduction To BBQ Gas Grill


BBQ Furnace is a kind of equipment used for barbecue lamb kebabs, vegetables, barbecue, etc., to carbon ovens are the most common. In almost every city in China, a carbon oven can be seen in barbecue shops and barbecue stalls. Weekend will be the barbecue stove to the wild, while chatting, while drinking, while enjoying the fun of barbecue, reducing the usual hard work, but also for urban life to add bright spots, is a new product that can improve people's quality of life.

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BBQ Gas Grill Selection


Consider whether the grill is portable. Outdoor barbecue is our own items, so it is best to choose to take into account this aspect of the problem, can be convenient for us to carry, which can bring us a lot of convenience, it is suggested that it is best to choose the kind of folding barbecue. Choose according to the material. Barbecue furnace materials on the market are diverse, and the price is different, not necessarily to buy expensive, but the service life of iron barbecue is certainly not very long, so it is recommended to choose the kind of stainless [...]

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Product Features Of BBQ Grill


The biggest feature of the grill is the ability to barbecue and fry food at the same time, or to use one of its functions alone. Sophisticated design, easy installation, for Europe and the European popular style, suitable for multi-person field or family gatherings to use, add fun. Direct barbecue: Put carbon in the center of the grill carbon frame, put vegetables, meat and so on directly on the grilled online barbecue; Indirect barbecue: The wood carbon is lit and placed at both ends of the carbon frame, the vegetables, meat and so on are placed in the middle of the [...]

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