No matter what you know about BBQ, tools are essential to us, some people feel that there is a stove on it, meaning it is OK, then I will tell you, you are wrong, barbecue combination tool that is a kind of enjoyment, barbecue furnace must have the following few small things,

1) gloves. There are silicone and fireproof cloth.

2) Carbon clip. When you bake to the general need to add charcoal, the flaming carbon net will become your most worth thinking about.

3) Silicone Brush, the price is expensive 10-100 yuan price, if you still use a brush in the sauce oil, I ask you, know what hair, hair how dirty know, on the oil after the basic only once, really not conducive to environmental protection, long-term healthy Choice silicone brush is really worth your consideration.

4) There is a knife function of the food clip, barbecue when the high temperature must pay attention to, otherwise a good mood will be gone, small food in the barbecue process needs to change the size, changing position, multi-functional baking has to help you lighten up, if the barbecue you also bring a kitchen knife, say a psychological words think you are really enough cattle.