Cleaning And Care For BBQ Gas Grills


Warning: Danger of burners.All cleaning and maintenance must be carried out when the grill is cold and gas supply to the gas cylinder has been shut off.   Cleaning: Burn the grill for about 15 minutes after each use. This reduces the amount of food remaining.   Outer surfaces: Use a mild detergent or a baking soda solution. Non-abrasive scourers may be used to remove stubborn stains. If the paint on the inside of the grill looks like it is peeling off,it is actually charred grease that is peeling off. Clean with a strong soap solution. Them rinse with water and [...]

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Grill Cleaning Tips


Follow six tips so that you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space with friends and family. Before lighting the grill, apply non-stick spray on the grates. The protective spray cuts down the clean-up time afterwards.For charcoal grills, line the bowl with aluminum foil.After grilling, and once the grill and coals are cool,simply diecard the foil with the coals and ash.Then, wash and reline with foil for next time. There are multiple options to scrub away buildup on the grates once the grill has cooled. Squirt grease-cutting dishwashing detergent on grill and grates(once cool). For tougher jobs,place cool grill grates [...]

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