Barbecue is a family, friends, colleagues party choice of food, while enjoying the food can also feel the fun of their own hands. After fun, cleaning up and maintaining the Japanese grill is a headache.

So how do you clean and maintain the Japanese barbecue?

1, the maintenance of the usual Japanese-style barbecue furnace Do not use Japanese barbecue furnace to keep clean, can not leave the barbecue of residual food, carbon ash, grease. Apply a layer of edible oil on the baking net to prevent rust, do not prevent heavy loads on the grill, cover the furnace cover to prevent dust, and should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

The same way to maintain a Japanese-style barbecue after use.

2. Before use Clean barbecue fire, tighten all screws, barbecue process will heat deformation, if the installation is not correct and firm, barbecue furnace deformation will be more serious, see may affect the effect of barbecue.

Apply a layer of cooking oil to the baking net to prevent food from sticking to the grill, and cleaning will be easier.

3, Barbecue time

Barbecue food must not exceed the normal load of barbecue furnace and baking net, otherwise it is easy to cause the baking net to fall so deformed and easy to cause danger.

4. After the barbecue After the temperature of the Japanese grill is lowered, wipe the grill, bake the basin and the baking net with water, and dry with a clean dry cloth. Then follow the instructions to carry out the maintenance can be.