Barbecue is a kind of casual outdoor dining activity that more and more people like. Find a weekend, invite friends and family, work together in your own garden yard, or barbecue in the beautiful mountains and lakes, and outdoor gatherings are a great thing. Outdoor barbecue, there are two popular, one is the traditional charcoal, the biggest benefit of using charcoal barbecue is that you can add vanilla, sawdust or other spices in it, so that the smoke will smell, so that the baked food becomes more delicious. The biggest shortcoming is that the charcoal itself, as well as the remaining Ashes after burning, are dirty and take time to clean up. One is a gas-fired oven that has become popular in recent years. Gas ovens are heated quickly and pollution-free, which can meet the barbecue needs of large parties. As the saying goes, fish and bear paws can not be combined, to enjoy delicious, nature to take a little effort.

Do you know how to choose the right barbecue oven for yourself? Buy according to the size of the barbecue oven.

Someone must think that the smaller the portable, the better, but also need to take into account the number of barbecue factors, so the purchase can be based on the average number of barbecue to determine the type of barbecue, so that everyone can eat a delicious barbecue. Choose according to the material. On the market barbecue furnace material is diverse, and the price is different, do not have to buy expensive, but iron barbecue furnace service life is certainly not very long, the common is cast iron furnace, stainless steel furnace, cold rolled thin steel plate three kinds, iron is not very durable, easy to rust, the average person rarely choose to buy. Stainless steel oven, light weight, but because of its own material problems stainless steel ovens are mostly monotonous silver, after burning once it is difficult to clean, and easy to deform; If you want a personality and a solid stylish oven, then cold-rolled thin steel ovens that can be designed with a variety of high temperature resistant coatings on the surface are definitely the first choice,

For example, this barbecue family product on the picture. Whether it is equipped with oil guide and smoke prevention device. Barbecue, we will apply oil to the food, meat will also drip oil, oil dripping to the high temperature of the object will smoke, smoke on the food will produce a bad taste.

Therefore, the stove should have some kind of design to catch the oil, and then let the oil flow outside the stove. When going to the outdoor barbecue, how to choose the right barbecue stove, to sum up a few points, is what I give you to sum up. Friends who like the outdoors, hope to play a role in reference.