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The Foodies:Always seeking out the hottest restaurants and newest food trends?Invest in a smoker,ideal for exploring new flavor combinations that are sure to excite taste buds.With taste buds.With tasty smoking chip flavors such as apple,cherry,and pecan,trying a new flavor combination each week is easy.

The Adventures:Always on the go to the next hiking trail or campground? Go for the portable grill,essential for a life in tine with nature.

The Entertainers:For all of those that love entertaining,a charcoal grill will elevate any party.Instead of the traditional burgers and brats,impress guests with grilled lamb or a tasty steak.As an added bonus,cleanup is a cinch.

The Homebodies:Prefer a quiet night in? The traditional gas grill will elevate any homemade meal.Throw dinner on the grill and then curl uo with a loved one for a relaxing night of TV.

The Techies:Always on top of the latest trends,techies should choose grills decked with the most high-tech features such as voice-controlled speakers that communicate commands to the grill, Wi-Fi that connects to a smartphone app,and LED lights.

The City Dwellers:Livinbg in the city doesn’t mean that someone can’t partake in the grilling fun.Choose a small electric grill-compact and ideal for tight quarters,with many of the capabilities of a full-sized grill.

The Suburbanites:If you just bought that dream home out in the burbd,complete the outdoor living space by adding a customized built-in-barbecue.It’s the focal point for your best backyard-great for simple family dinner,or a neighborhood gathering.