1, barbecue oven to keep clean, do not have barbecue residual food or charcoal ash grease

2. Place the barbecue oven in a dry, ventilated area

3, cover the barbecue hood

4. Do not press heavy loads on the barbecue oven

5, baking net can be applied to a layer of edible oil to prevent rust BBQ furnace should be a ming, smoke-free, direct barbecue electric barbecue furnace.

First of all, it should be a Ming grill, otherwise, there is no visible barbecue fun, it is not a barbecue, but only a barbecue box, second, should be a smoke-free barbecue, because the home is not tolerated emissions of exhaust gas and fumes, of course, should also be a direct barbecue, otherwise it is teppanyaki and frying pot, but to meet the above requirements , only the barbecue furnace that makes electricity can be reached. Home Barbecue furnace because there is no need to make a fire, electricity to come, and its convenience. In addition to the barbecue banquet, often used in daily life is also very convenient. Barbecue ovens can not only be used to hold barbecue dinners, but also can be used everywhere in daily life.