Today, barbecue is already part of our daily diet, with the continuous exchange of world culture, American, Japanese, Korean and other different tastes of barbecue slowly by our people to understand. Korean barbecue pay attention to the original, and supplemented with different sauces dipped in food. Korean barbecue is mainly composed of pickled raw materials juice and raw materials roasted after dipping the juice to eat to decide. Of course, different ingredients with different marinade and dipping juice, will form a different flavor characteristics. Korean barbecue generally fry until eight points cooked or just cooked, reflecting a tender and refreshing feeling.

Korean barbecue shops are very popular in the country, such as Korean dramas and Korean beauty, is almost a fashionable word. Japanese-style barbecue is teppanyaki. The source of the rise of Teppanyaki is the invention of the Spaniards in Xv. Sixth century. It was later transmitted by the Spaniards to Mexico in the American continent and to California, the United States, until the beginning of the 20th century, when the cooking technique of this teppanyaki food was introduced into Japan by a Japanese-American, and it was famous to improve it today. Japanese ovens are designed to be the most perfect, with two types of desktop use and landing, most of which have a non-stick coated baking pan, roasted, fried and boiled on a baking pan.

The vast majority of ovens produced in domestic factories are dominated by Japanese oven styles. The American barbecue is reflected in Bush’s barbecue diplomacy, and every August, at the peak of the outdoor barbecue, President Bush chooses to return to his ranch in Texas for a holiday and to develop a family-style backyard barbecue as his diplomatic tool to entertain visiting foreign leaders and become a unique alternative “state dinner”.

American barbecues represent the barbecue habits of Europe and America, and most of the ovens exported from China to Europe and the United States are represented by large size, use of gas barbecues, atmospheric and expensive ovens, mainly applicable to their high number of courtyard buffets in the Villa courtyard. Chinese barbecue has a long history, a variety of styles, spicy taste, sauce fragrance, fresh fragrance, wine fragrance, onion incense and other ten flavors. One of the most famous is the barbecue culture in Xinjiang, one summer, the streets of the barbecue stalls hot scene to see its popularity