Put some extra flame in your space. Heat things up on your patio with a chimenea or outdoor fire table.This simple addition brings the comfort of the indoors right to your patio.Linear fireplaces offer a sleek and modern design that will make your backyard feel like exotic getaway.

Broaden your capabilities.High-tech gadgets and quality tools can go a long way in your quest to become a barbecue master.Pizza stones,fish/broiling baskets,cedar planks,rotisseries,and grill woks are among the most popular accessories.

Literally turn your backyard into a new room.Convert your patio into the Man Cave or She Shed you always wanted.Add a movie screen, hang up mirrors or waterproof artwork,install speakers and a daybed for serious me time or all afternoon family relaxation.

Add a second(or third)barbecue to the mix.Loyal to charcoal or devoted to gas? Consider addign a new flame to the mix to diversify your grilling reperoire.

Transform your backyard into a full outdoor kitchen.Invest in features such as a mini-fridge,dishwasher,outdoor sinks,seating, and entertainment systems like a television and sound to completely optimize your best backyard.